Dungeon Masters Support Group (3 episodes)

Produced by Wizards of the Coast. Episodes 2 & 3link at end of video..

Keen #giftyeah Campaign

Series of 7 spots. Produced by Wexley School for Girls

Starbucks PSL Days

A mix of scripted and improvised. Directed by Randy Walker

That's Marty for Puget Sound Health Alliance

Series of 4 episodes. Produced by Skymind Productions. Directed by Cheryl Slean. That is actual mayo on my back in episode 4.

Microsoft IT Certification

Produced by Spin Creative. The churro was completely unscripted. More footage can be seen HERE.

Hidden America With Jonah Ray

Directed by Emmy winner Troy Miller. Can't embed, but follow the link to watch on VRV. Doug's segment begins at 19:30.